Combined Covens Social Club is a not for profit organisation based in Perth, Western Australia. We are a community group that is focused on bringing together and connecting pagans in the name of fostering community spirit in an open and friendly environment. Combined Covens is an informal unification of members from various covens and groups, and solitary witches and pagans within Western Australia.

Combined Covens supports sharing all aspects of pagan beliefs no matter what style of craft you practice, whilst bearing in mind the key to the Wiccan Rede, “an it harm none”.

We are a medium active towards bringing together all the unique qualities of a person by sharing ideas and knowledge, bringing together individuals and groups and assisting seekers in finding teachers. We also hold regular yearly events, such as a Spring Camp, market events and open rituals. We perceive that the best way to better our community is to get together and share our belief systems, so that we can collectively enhance our understanding of our magical paths.

Please check out our blog for information about latest events as well as reports from our recent gatherings.