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Perth Pagan Map

The wonderful Tamara Lampard has put together a google map of all our favourite and interesting pagan places in Perth. Now that it is complete we have a link up for everyone to use.

Tamara hopes people will send her other locations of significance. Ritual places that were used in the early days of Craft in WA so it is a working document and she welcomes any additions. Email Tamara at

Australian Podcasts



There are some links available for additional networking and resources for pagans in WA. Check them out.

Albany Cauldron Coffee Club (Facebook group)

Combined Covens Social Club (Facebook page)

Combined Covens Social Club (Facebook group)

Combined Covens Buy/Sell/Swap (Facebook group)

WA’s social group for Witches, Wiccans, and pagans alike (Facebook group)

WA Pagan Exchange (Facebook group)

Mandurah Pagans (Facebook group)

Witchvox page for WA

Covens, circles, groves and other groups in Western Australia

Keep in mind – not all groups have their own website, and not all groups offer teaching.

Clan Wyrd (contact Kundra Wyrd)

Circle of Heka

Daughters of Ishtar

Dreaming Tree Grove

Sylvan Circle (contact Tree Foster)

Pagan Friendly Services/Business

The Perth Wildlife Rescue Network is made up of a group of Wildlife Rehabilitators in Western Australia, with the aim of advising you, the rescuer of “Basic Wildlife First Aid” until the Wildlife can be safety picked up or transported to your nearest Wildlife Rehabilitator, Wildlife Shelter or Wildlife Friendly Vet.

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